2015 Great and Holy Council Conference

Essays in this series were originally delivered in panel sessions at the Fordham/OTSA “Conference in Preparation for the Great and Holy Council of the Orthodox Church,” June 2015 at Fordham University.

12/09/15  “A Perspective on Marriage from the Canonical Tradition,” by Alexander Rentel

12/05/15  “Blessing Canonically Anomalous Marriages: The Need for Consistency,” by Ashley Purpura

11/30/15  “Modern Challenges to Traditional Orthodox Perspectives on Marriage,” by Paul Ladouceur

11/19/15  “Four Questions For Orthodox Ecumenism,” by Edward Siecienski

11/13/15  “Ecumenical Relations and the Pan-Orthodox Council,” by Edith Humphrey

11/07/15  “Decision-Making in the Church,” by Will Cohen

10/30/15  “The 2016 Pan-Orthodox Council and Ecumenical Relations,” by Radu Bordeianu

10/22/15  “Jewish Christian Relations and Orthodox Ecumenical Participation,” by Michael Azar

10/12/15  “Political Nestorianism and the Politics of Theosis,” by Aristotle Papanikolaou

10/08/15  “Religion and Science as a Pastoral Issue,” by Gayle E. Woloschak

10/02/15  “The Word of God and World Religions,” by Brandon Gallaher

09/25/15  “Don’t Confuse Autocephaly with Theology,” by George Demacopoulos

09/21/15  “The Marks of Autocephaly,” by James C. Skedros

09/19/15  “Diaspora and American Orthodoxy,” by Paul Gavrilyuk